About this Poem

Yes, I suppose at one time or another, we've all been "warned" about the "weirdo's on the Internet"....and heaven knows, there surely are plenty of them.   But wait a minute... we're not ALL "kooks"!   Too many people make a habit of "pigeonholing" everyone on the Internet as a "nut case".   I beg to differ!!   The only things that belong in "pigeonholes" are "pigeons"!

Let's be fair!  There are also plenty of "really nice people" on the Internet as well... and Cathy Palmer-Scruggs...also known as "Catt"... also known as "my best friend"... is well among them!

The poem Catt wrote, "The Last Dance"is simply an "outward" expression of all the kindness, caring, generosity, empathy, understanding and "spirit of helpfulness" that first lives "inside" her.

Not long ago, a "visitor" happened onto Catts Homepage. This "visitor" had a very dear (and lifelong) friend who was facing a most difficult time in her life. In an all-out-effort to help her friend, "the visitor" began "searching the Internet" for some possible insight-help-information-understanding, etc. which might make her more helpful to her friend.

And what was the situation? Very simply stated... the "visitor's" friend was about to "lose her leg" to diabetes. Perhaps what makes it even worse for "the visitor" and her friend is the fact that they are both professional dancers, and having shared "dancing" as well as "teaching dance" for most of their lives...they were like each other's "shadow". The scheduled surgery would now abruptly end her friend's career as a dancer... and the "visitor", who wanted so very much to "be there" for her dear friend... began her "search" for some kind of help which might better "prepare" her for that role.

After "happening" upon Catt's Webpages, they began to "communicate" a little.  Then a little more. The "visitor" began telling Catt how she and her friend spent their last evening together before her friend was to leave for her surgery.

"The Last Dance" describes that "last evening" together.  From just what the "visitor" had told her......Catt "saw" this event in her heart..... and wrote the poem straight from there........ and in so doing....... has given the "visitor" a "lifelong memory" to hold close..... to keep...... always.
How's that for "really nice people"!!

And how is it, you may wonder, that Catt had such sensitive insight and understanding into this particular situation... and into these particular "feelings"??

Perhaps it's because Catt is a double amputee herself!  Do you think it's entirely "by accident" that these two "found each other" at a time when this "visitor" really "needed to know".  I don't.   And now Catt wants to "be there" as much for the "visitor", as "the visitor" wanted to "be there" for her friend.
How's that for "really nice people"?

Their friendship continued to grow... and both "the visitor" and Catt "grew" with it. I thank Catt for allowing me to share in this with her...... and with you....
How's that for "really nice people"?

Good thoughts to you....

Here's a link to Catt's Webpages "The Catt Box" Do yourself a favor and pay her a visit. You will have met a "really nice person"!

You can also "meet Catt" by clicking on this link to "her own page" here on my site. Catt's Room